Choosing the Best Earrings

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When you are in a hurry to get out and go where you need to be at, be it dinner with friends, or an interview for a job you would love to have, putting your outfit together is essential. Earrings can be the icing on the cake. Do you wear the plain studs, or the dangling rings with the extra sparkling jeweled pieces? It all depends on the situation you are going to be in.

For some places of business, what you wear is as important as what you do, and you´re paid to look nice. Others want your brain power at work, with as little distraction coming from your wardrobe as possible. Sometimes you need to do some a little bit of background research into the company culture. Ask friends who work there or who do business there for information on what is worn, look online through LinkedIn for images of employees and what they wear, and look through the company website if they have one. Pay more attention to the salaried employees than to the hourly ones. Dress it up a bit more, but not in an overly flamboyant manner. Dress it up classier, not flashier.

For dinner out, or a blind date, wearing understated earrings that are noticeable, but not at risk of coming close to becoming the main focal point of your evening out is always a good choice. Something new is always a great choice, though, especially when out with friends for dinner. Sometimes it is just a small item that can refresh your entire look, and make your friends wonder what you’ve been up to. Just wear them for at least a few hours beforehand to make sure you aren’t sensitive to them.

No matter what pair of earrings you decide you will wear, make sure they are solidly made, and that the pair you are wanting to wear isn’t that ´no no´ pair your aunt gave you that makes your ear turn into a mass of painful flesh bulging out from the side of your head. That is not something you want to experience again. It is this reason that you won´t want to wear a brand new pair that you just bought during last weekend´s shopping trip. Always wear them around the house first to make sure there is no irritation. Even the ones marked hypoallergenic can irritate you if they are not made well. Sticking with solid metal tones, such as gold, silver, or copper will help you match the earrings to other metal embellishments in your clothing. Finding earrings that are vintage and of different colors can also be worked into your wardrobe, but should be worn only for special occasions because the age of the earrings may make them be more fragile than they otherwise would be.

Have fun wearing your earrings, but don´t forget they can help you make an impression when you need to. Cleaning them before and after wearing should be done delicately, as well, to ensure cleanliness, but also that they remain unbroken. Broken earrings should not be worn, but can be saved back for other uses.