Easter Jewelry

Easter Jewelry in Lewisville

Easter Jewelry

As what are arguably spring’s biggest holidays, Easter and Passover bring out a lot of excitement in their celebrants. These holidays often signal the start of warm weather, school breaks, and a return to outdoor activities and parties. Thus, people also want to dress differently, in lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and often, more flamboyant jewelry.

Fortunately for jewelry-lovers, Easter and Passover lend themselves to plenty of themed pieces. Many of these also qualify as statement pieces. No matter what type of jewelry you prefer, several options exist.

Make a Faith Statement

Easter, of course, celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus, while Passover commemorates the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt. On such sacred days, it’s natural to want to show your faith. Many jewelry companies make this possible. For example, Fashion Accessories in the Home (F.A.I.T.H., located at faithco.net) offers large, colorful cross necklaces made of multicolored beads or stones. They also offer large chandelier-style earrings, charms, layering chains, and more. F.A.I.T.H. also offers a business opportunity; shoppers can sign up to sell their products and host shows for friends.

Passover gets its fair share of creative jewelry, too. Cafepress.com offers several necklace or earring options. Of special note are the pieces meant for young children, such as a necklace proclaiming My First Seder in blue lettering. Many other sites, such as blingjewelry.com, carry more adult options. These include Star of David pieces, charm bracelets, and God’s eye bracelets.

Get in Touch with Your Heritage

Passover and Easter are family times, so they often bring heritage to mind. For instance, you might be an Irish Easter celebrant. Even though Irish jewelry gets the spotlight on St. Patrick’s Day, much of it can carry over to Easter as well. If you have a little one celebrating First Communion during this season, for example, invest in a rosary or Celtic cross from a franchise like theirishjewelrycompany.com. If your heritage is Russian, look for a necklace, pin, or bracelet in the style of a Fabrege egg. Be aware, though, that actual Fabreges can cost thousands of dollars, so unless you’re buying a big gift, seek out quality faux versions.

Embrace the Eggs

One of the most fun things about these holidays is the symbolism of eggs. Both holidays use them–the Seder plate often features a roasted egg. Look for egg-shaped earrings and pendants, or bracelets with round, smooth beads in pearl tones or pastels. If you like the egg shape, but don’t want to wear a food product, go for an oval locket with room for your favorite holiday picture.

Be a Chickie-Loving Chick

Easter in particular brings bunnies, ducklings, and chicks to mind. These can be fun to wear at any age, and several jewelry shops oblige. Charming Charlie’s is one such shop; they’re known for selling holiday earrings that come in a set of three. Their Easter sets can include chicks, bunnies, or eggs. They also carry watches with rabbits or chicks as faces, perfect for a young girl’s Easter basket–and for Mom, too. Charm bracelets or necklaces are also a good place to show off this trend.

Jewelry for Easter in Lewisville

Jewelry for Easter

Festoon Yourself with Flowers

Finally, these springtime holidays are also the time when gardens start blooming again. If you love flowers, you have plenty of options. Large, chunky bracelets and necklaces are still a trend, and many pieces contain some kind of flower. New York and Company and Charming Charlie’s are particularly good at creating flower-themed pieces, especially cocktail rings. If you prefer a more understated piece, LifeWay Christian Stores currently carries silver cross pins with enameled roses covering the cross. These are available in multi or several different solid colors, including red, gold, and blue.

Easter and Passover are wonderful holidays for jewelry. Several different pieces have popped up this year, so find your favorites among them. Once you do, wear them with joy.