How to Get Your Jewelry Repaired

Repair Jewelry Lewisville

Jewelry Repair Lewisville

Whether your jewelry requires extensive work or a simple fixing, you will find it most advantageous to use an experienced jewelry crafts-person with the skills necessary to help bring your piece to its former condition. You should not use an inexperienced person or attempt an at-home repair because you risk damaging your jewelry even further. Consider the following tips when getting your jewelry repaired or serviced.

Take Advantage of Your Warranty

If your jewelry accompanies a warranty, bring your piece with your warranty certificate to where you purchased the item. Depending on your warranty’s stipulations, you might have to spend little or no money out-of pocket. A few of the things most jewelry store service plans and warranties cover include sizing, cleanings, broken gold, medal dipping, and missing stones

Check Out Jewelry Establishments that Provide Free Estimates

Jewelry repairs shop will often offer a free estimate of the work you need done. They will indicate the type of service that needs to be carried out and the costs associated with the work. It is advisable that you speak with at least three repair shops to determine any differences in price, quality and service for the work you need done. Do not let the price dictate which person you use. A high-priced service does not automatically mean competent work, and a low-priced service might result in mediocre work.

Ask the Technicians if They Have Experience Working on Similar Jewelry

Some jewelry pieces are as intricate as they are unique. For example, old Victorian jewelry are often difficult to work with owing to their inherent delicateness. The metal on such pieces are sometimes so thin that the repair-person needs to use high heat to make the bond that enables the pieces to stick together. This process poses a risk in that the thin metal will begin to melt prior to reaching soldering temperature. Other times, precious stones, such as pearls and opals, are susceptible to burning if the metal becomes too hot. Ultimately, some jewelry pieces require a certain level of experience to repair, so choose the person or company for your jewelry repairs with great care.

Because of the designs associated with certain pieces, removal of stones is not possible. Similarly, not every broken piece of jewelry is repairable. Before you entrust a repair-person or bench jeweler with your piece, learn if the person has worked with similar pieces. The technician should also give you an idea as to what the final product will resemble.

When you enter a jewelry store, you will likely encounter a salesperson or the shop’s owner. Feel free to ask if the repair service provided is completed in-house or sent elsewhere. Some repairs are outsourced or sent to a related branch. Regardless of the circumstances, be sure to inquire about expertise level and familiarity with what you need done.