Promise Rings

A promise ring is meant to be given as a beautiful and tangible reminder of a solemn promise to a loved one. The gift is made most meaningful when the words of the promise are both spoken and agreed upon by the giver and the recipient.

With that said, promise rings can be given for a variety of reasons. They can be given by younger people who are not in a position to consider a formal engagement and who desire a symbol of an exclusive relationship. The ring can be given by parents for their child to wear, as a promise that sexual purity will be preserved until marriage. Whatever the promise, the visible symbol of the ring is a reminder of the agreement, whether it be between two young people, a daughter and her parents, or even two friends pledging their continuing support for one another.

Lewisville Promise Rings

Promise Rings Lewisville

Promise rings, as they are named today, are a more modern development in the history of jewelry. Nevertheless, they have been around for centuries under other names. Back as far as the 16th century, they were commonly known as Poesy rings and were given as a symbol of love and affection. These rings were usually engraved with a poetic verse on the inside of the ring. Today, promise rings can be of any shape or design that will be meaningful to the recipient and also something that can be worn constantly.

Just as varied as the reasons for the gift of the ring are the ways it can be worn. A promise ring can be given and worn by a man or a woman. No hard and fast rules exist regarding which finger a promise ring should be worn on, however, if two rings are exchanged both parties will generally agree upon the same finger on which to wear the ring. It should be noted that a promise ring on the left hand ring finger may invite more questions regarding its intent. Some wearers choose another finger, leaving the left ring finger for wedding and engagement rings. That way, even after marriage, they will still be able to wear the promise ring and have it fit properly.

No matter what the shape or reason, the gift of a promise ring can be a thoughtful reminder of a mutually agreed upon sentiment that is deeply honored by both the gift giver and the recipient.