What is Origami Owl Jewelry

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Origami Owl Jewelry is a type of custom jewelry that started out as a way for a sixteen year old girl to save up money to buy a new car. The jewelry has become very popular over the past few years. So what makes Origami Owl Jewelry different from all the other jewelry out there? The main type of jewelry that they sell are called living lockets. The lockets are made of glass so that you can see through them. The company also sells charms that you can buy to place inside the locket so that you can show off what you like and what means the most to you.

The great part about Origami Owl is that you can choose if you want to show off your locket as a necklace or a bracelet. There are a variety of chains to choose from that come in different sizes. There are bracelet chains where the dangle hangs from the side, or you can choose the link locket bracelet chain. If you are looking for necklace chains, some options include a sixteen inch silver heart link chain, a multilayer chain, twenty or thirty inch chains, or the classic ball chains.

There are also many living locket options to choose from. The locket opens up so that you can fill it with the charms of your choice. There are different sized lockets that can hold from two to twelve charms depending on the size of the charm. There are silver living lockets in all sizes that are made with or without crystals around the glass. There are also many gold lockets to choose from, a medium-sized matte black locket or a large matte black locket with crystals. Origami Owl Jewelry also has a silver heart living locket with crystals that stands out from the rest of their lockets. There are also silver and gold lockets for the link bracelets.

The best part about Origami Owl Jewelry is the large selection of charms that you can buy to place inside your living locket. If you are a music lover, then you can show off your love for music with a music note or the treble clef charm. There are many categories to choose from including faith, animals, family, hobbies, sports, and travel. Other charms include numbers, initials, and birthstones. You can mix and match any combination of charms that fit your style, and you can change which charms you show off depending on your mood or occasion. It is easy to add or switch charms, and you can add the birthstone of your kids to the locket as well.

Origami Owl also makes plates that you can put inside your locket as well. The plates are flat and charms can still be placed inside the locket on top. The plates are engraved with inspirations words such as believe, survivor, or love. There are also plates that say mom or grandma. You can also add a dangle charm on your chain as well. There are crystal dangles that can also be used to show off your birthstones, an owl, a heart key or lock, angel wings, and much more.

Origami Owl also sells tags that are engraved with different empowerment sayings, inspirational words, or earth elements. You can wear tags with words such as blessed, hope, love, fearless, dream, I Can, and so much more. The tags can be worn separately or they can also be added to wear along your locket. Origami Owl Jewelry is a great way to show off your own style in a new way. With all the charms, chains, lockets, and charms available, no two lockets will ever be the same.