Why Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds in Lewisville

Diamonds in Lewisville

“Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” means so much more today than singer Carol Channing likely ever suspected when she first performed the song in the 1949 Broadway production of “Gentleman Prefer Blondes.” Later performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film by the same name, the movie ensured the song’s place in history as well as its star’s. The film’s plot might have appeared simplistic at the time, but today has a curiously scientific bent to it – do women only marry for money? Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Today’s scientists think they have the answer – as well as the real reasons behind it.

How Women Choose a Mate
Psychology Today reports that there are two main characteristics that drive why women choose the mates that they choose. Those reasons are as follows.

  • The ability to acquire and accumulate resources.
  • The willingness to use those resources in her and her children.

From here, it becomes easy to see how “diamonds” can serve as a metaphor for what any woman needs to feel stable, safe, and secure committing herself to a man and permitting him to get her pregnant. As well, she uses these twin reasons as barometers before she commits – because if she doesn’t, she has a minimum of nine months and potentially as long as 18 years of solo child-rearing commitment if she picks a stingy mate!

Females of Other Species Exhibit the Same Behaviors
As well, non-human females also expect their potential mates to court them, proffering gifts of savory delicacies, advantageous breeding locations, great singing and hunting abilities, and more, before they will even consider accepting a male’s advances. What do these so-called more “primitive” females know that some human females haven’t yet learned? A man who is serious about commitment is both able and willing to put his money where his intentions are. Spending money on a mate is a sign of the seriousness of his intentions.

Why Diamonds?
Diamonds have a significance in terms of a man’s commitment to a woman’s safety and well-being that ranges all the way back to the 1400’s. At that time, high ranking men such as Costanzo Sforza and Archduke Maximilian began gifting their intendeds with ornately decorated diamond rings as engagement gifts. While so many other prior engagement traditions have changed throughout the centuries, this particularly beautiful symbolic expression of love and lifetime commitment has endured to today.

For the Love of Diamonds
There are so many different colors, cuts, and grades of diamonds available today. For a girl who is really serious about a guy, certainly the size or quality of the diamond he offers as a symbol of his love is not the only factor that goes into her ultimate choice of mate. But there are biological as well as symbolic reasons now that prove that when it comes to love, “diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!”